Snap-On Smile®

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Snap-On Smile® is an affordable, non-invasive, and completely reversible cosmetic, removable arch that can easily and painlessly give you a beautiful smile. Easy to care for and available for both upper and lower teeth, your new Snap-On Smile® can be either a temporary or a long-term provisional cosmetic solution. It fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile—even if you have stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth.

Invented by a dentist who realized that not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to get a Hollywood smile make-over, Snap-On Smile® is a patented, easy, and painless way to obtain a beautiful smile. After years of extensive research and development, Snap-On Smile® has created a unique, proprietary formula of high-tech dental resin that can now provide you with the look of natural teeth that is comfortable enough to wear all day and still strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear. You can even eat and drink with your Snap-On Smile®!

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